Schedule of Availability of Service :    Monday to Friday;8:00 AM – 5:00 PM without noon break

Clients/Customers                            :    Government Agencies, Private Sectors, Suppliers, NEDA-X

                                                                 Employees, Others

Responsible Division                       :    Finance and Administrative Division – Financial Services (FAD-FS)

Location                                             :    Ground Floor

Documentary Requirements            :    None

Fees                                                     :    No payment required

1 Submit documents for processing of claims. Receive documents and check completeness; immediately return documents if incomplete. 2 minutes Administrative Assistant II / FAD – FS
2 Receive signed copy for file / reference. Inform the client/customer of the processing time; Affix signature and date of receipt in the client’s copy of the submitted documents. 3 minutes Administrative Assistant II / FAD – FS
3 Process claims (from preparation and processing of Disbursement Voucher (DV) to preparation of check / Advice to Debit Account). 3 working days FAD – FS
4 Inform client/customer to pick-up the check and issue Official Receipt (OR); if payment is directly credited to its bank account, ask client to issue OR and submit to NEDA through FAD-FS. 5 minutes Disbursing Officer / FAD – FS
5 Receive check, sign the DV and issue corresponding Official Receipt. Release check to client/customer and have the client/customer sign the DV and receive OR. 5 minutes Disbursing Officer / FAD – FS