Schedule of Availability of Service :    Monday to Friday;8:00 AM – 5:00 PM without noon break

Clients/Customers                            :    Government Agencies, Researchers, Applicants, General Public

Responsible Division                       :    Office of the Regional Director

Location                                             :    Second Floor

Documentary Requirements            :    None

Fees                                                    :    No payment required

1 Register in the Visitor’s Logbook at the Guard Station and wear the Visitor’s ID while inside the office. Require the visitor to leave a valid ID in exchange for a Visitor’s ID to be worn while inside the office. 1 minute Security Guard on Duty
2 Submit incoming communication (letter, memorandum, other documents). Receive incoming communication submitted by client/customer. 1 minute Secretary / Office of the Regional Director
3 Receive the signed client’s copy of the incoming communication (optional). Inform client/customer that the communication shall be referred to the appropriate division. 3 minutes Secretary / Office of the Regional Director
Affix signature and date of receipt in the client’s copy of the incoming communication (optional).
4 Receive reply of communication from NEDA-X through mail/email/fax. Determine appropriate action and assign communication to concerned division. Simple Transactions: 3 working days
Complex Transactions: 7 working days
Transactions involving highly technical application: 20 working days
Regional Director/Assistant Regional Director
Provide appropriate action in response to the communication. Concerned Division