Schedule of Availability of Service :    Monday to Friday;8:00 AM – 5:00 PM without noon break

Clients/Customers                            :    Government Agencies, Researchers, General Public

Responsible Division                       :    Development Research Division

Location                                             :    Ground Floor

Documentary Requirements            :    None

Fees                                                    :    No payment required

1 Register in the Visitor’s Logbook at the Guard Station and wear the Visitor’s ID while inside the office. Require the visitor to leave a valid ID in exchange for a Visitor’s ID to be worn while inside the office. 1 minute Security Guard on Duty
2 Approach the Public Assistance Desk Officer (PADO). Verify firsthand the identity of the client and assess if the needed information or data requested is available. 1 minute Public Assistance Desk Officer
3.1 Receive the requested data and fill-out the Client Feedback Survey (CFS) Form. Provide data if available, subject to the classification of documents pursuant to the NEDA’s Disclosure Policy / Guidelines: Public Assistance Desk Officer
· Secret / Top Secret – needing clearance from the NEDA Secretary 3 working days
· Confidential – needing clearance from NEDA-X Regional Director 1 day
· Restricted – needing clearance from the NEDA-X Clearance Officer 4 hours
· Open and available – not needing clearance 10 minutes
Retrieve the filled-out CFS and process. 3 minutes
3.2 Fill-out the Client Feedback Survey (CFS) Form. If data is not available, endorse the client to the concerned division or refer to the appropriate government agency. 3 minutes Public Assistance Desk Officer