RDC-X Full Council Resolutions

RDC-X Res No 01 (s2018) Approving the Agenda for the 114th Regional Development Council Meeting
RDC-X Res No 02 (s2018) Approving the mintues of the 113th RDC-X Full Council Meeting
RDC-X Res No 03 (s2018) Approving the Regional Policy Guidelines and Budget Priorities Framework for the Preparation of the FY 2019 Budget Proposals
RDC-X Res No 04 (s2018) Pariticpation and Support to 2018 CMCI Survey
RDC-X Res No 05 (s2018) DILG MC Institutionalizing CMCI at local level
RDC-X Res No 06 (s2018) Supporting the conduct of the TESDA and TVET Enrollment day and Jobs bridging
RDC-X Res No 07 (s2018) Supporting the revival of the Garden of Go, Grow, and Glow (G4) Initiative
RDC-X Res No 08 (s2018) Approving the creation of the TWG for the coordination and implementation of the FRIMP-CDOR
RDC-X Res No 08 (s2018) attachment
RDC-X Res No 09 (s2018) Adopting the Regional Sustainability Plan for the COSERAM Program Phase 2
RDC-X Res No 10 (s2018) Supporting the SALaR Project of the Global Land Tool Network in cooperation
RDC-X Res No 11 (s2018) Enjoining all Government Agencies to provide data support to the Regional Sustainable Development Goals Indicators
RDC-X Res No 12 (s2018) Supporting the CY 2018 RRDIC-X Action Plan
RDC-X Res No 13 (s2018) Supporting the conduct of the Mindanao Regional Scientific Meeting on 12-13 March 2018
RDC-X Res No 14 (s2018) Approving the Agenda of the 115th RDC Meeting
RDC-X Res No 15 (s2018) Approving the Minutes of the 114th RDC-X Full Council Meeting
RDC-X Res No 16 (s2018) Supporting and Enjoining the SeCom to Integrate the Issues….
RDC-X Res No 17 (s2018) Supporting the Implementation of EO 30 (s2017)
RDC-X Res No 18 (s2018) Endorsing the Request for Funding Support for the Establishment of Three Cluster LGUs SLFs
RDC-X Res No 19 (s2018) Supporting House Bill No 2912
RDC-X Res No 20 (s2018) Endorsing the Financial Management Handbook of DOH-X HFEP
RDC-X Res No 21 (s2018) Endorsing the Site_Land Dev of Housing Cons. of the Pagatpat Resettlement Proj. of CDO
RDC-X Res No 22 (s2018) Supporting the Replication of the DSWD’s Completed STPs
RDC-X Res No 23 (s2018) Supporting the TESDA’s Train to Build-Build-Build Project
RDC-X Res No 24 (s2018) Supporting the 2018 July Nutrition Month Celebration
RDC-X Res No 25 (s2018) TradeNet
RDC-X Res No 26 (s2018) Sea Passengers Bill of Rights
RDC-X Res No 27 (s2018) Endorsing the Proposed Projects contained in the Master Plan and FS for Maranding
RDC-X Res No 28 (s2018) Adopting the RDCOM-MAC RDC-X Res No 14 (s2017)
RDC-X Res No 29 (s2018) Supporting and Directing the RLAs to Implement the Action Areas of the 2Q CY 2018 PSS
RDC-X Res No 30 (s2018) Endorsing the Resolution Arising from the RSM in Mindanao