RDC-X Full Council Resolutions

RDC-X Res No 01 (s2016) Approving the Agenda
RDC-X Res No 02 (s2016) Approving the Minutes
RDC-X Res No 03 (s2016) Approving the Regional Policy Guidelines and Timelines in the Preparation of the FY 2017 Budget Proposals
RDC-X Res No 04 (s2016) Supporting the Creation of the Indigenous Peoples Technical Working Group (IP-TWG) unde rthe RLUC-X
RDC-X Res No 05 (s2016) Supporting MC No 87 (s2015)
RDC-X Res No 06 (s2016) Approving and Supporting PSR Acivity Plan Reorg
RDC-X Res No 07 (s2016) Supporting the Participation of the RDC-X PSRs to the 7th RDC PSR National Convention
RDC-X Res No 08 (s2016) Approving the Agenda for the 108th Regional Development Council Meeting
RDC-X Res No 09 (s2016) Approving the Minutes of the 107th RDC-X Council Meeting
RDC-X Res No 10 (s2016) FY 2017 Budget Proposals of Economic Sector Agencies
RDC-X Res No 11 (s2016) Enticing All Local Government Units to Send Delegation to Compete and Participate in the First Lumad Festival
RDC-X Res No 12 (s2016) Endorsing the Request to the DOT and the TIEZA to Prepare the Business Plan for the CDO International Trade and Multi-Purpose Center
RDC-X Res No 13 (s2016) Confirming the Creation of Region-X RAIN-TWG
RDC-X Res No 14 (s2016) Endorsing the Consolidated FY 2017 Budget Proposals of Macro Sector Agencies
RDC-X Res No 15 (s2016) FY 2017 Budget Proposals of Social Sector Agencies
RDC-X Res No 16 (s2016) Endorsing the FY 2017 Budget Proposals of Infrastructure Sector Agencies
RDC-X Res No 17 (s2016) Endorsing the OSG to Expedite Issuance of the Resolution of the Civil Case filed by Ms. Catherine Magtajas Mercado against the PTA
RDC-X Res No 18 (s2016) Endorsing the Proposal for an Additional US$450 Million Loan Financing for the PRDP
RDC-X Res No 19 (s2016) Endorsing the Joint RDC II- RPOC II Res No 02-66-2015 (s.2015), ‘Supporting and Endorsing House Bill No 5612’
RDC-X Res No 20 (s2016) Endorsing the RDC IX Res No 61 (s2015), ‘Enjoining the DPWH and the DOE to Fast Track the Issuance of the IRR of DC2013-07-0015’
RDC-X Res No 21 (s2016) Endorsing the Request of the DENR-X for the Restoration of PHP8.427 Million Budget Under FY2016 NEP for EMS to Support RAIN
RDC-X Res No 22 (s2016) Endorsing the FY 2017 PPP of PPA-PMOs of Mis.Or, Lanao del Norte, and Mis. Occ.
RDC-X Res No 23 (s2016) Approving the Agenda of the Regional Development Council-X Reorganization for Term 2016-2019
RDC-X Res No 24 (s2016) Confirming the Private Sector Representatives to the RDC-X for term 2016-2019
RDC-X Res No 25 (s2016) Confirming and Expressing Full Support to the Appointment of Gov. Jose Maria R. Zubiri, Jr. of the Province of Bukidnon as RDC-X
RDC-X Res No 26 (s2016) Endorsing to the Office of the President the RDC-X Co-Chairperson Nominees for Term 2016-2019
RDC-X Res No 27 (s2016) Annex A Officers
RDC-X Res No 27 (s2016) Confirming the RDC-X Sector Committee Officers for Term 2016-2019
RDC-X Res No 28 (s2016) Approving the Agenda
RDC-X Res No 29 (s2016) Approving the Minutes of the Reorganizational Meeting
RDC-X Res No 30 (s2016) Confirming the Resolutions by Referendum
RDC-X Res No 31 (s2016) Approving the RDP 2017-2022
RDC-X Res No 32 (s2016) Endorsing the Policy Recommendations on the Implementation of Presidential AO 42 (s1998) re Establishment of a Medical Ch
RDC-X Res No 33 (s2016) Adopting the Guidebook on the Child Participation in the Philippines
RDC-X Res No 34 (s2016) Supporting the Results of the 2015 Social Welfare and Development Indicators Assessment
RDC-X Res No 35 (s2016) Supporting the Joint Migration and Development Inititative
RDC-X Res No 36 (s2016) Supporting the Establishment of Adolescent Youth Friendly Facilities in Region X
RDC-X Res No 37 (s2016) Supporting the Adoption of the Prescribed Weight and Height Measurement Tools
RDC-X Res No 38 (s2016) Supporting the Adoption and Promotion of Pinggang Pinoy for Specific Age Groups
RDC-X Res No 39 (s2016) Approving the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples-X as SNVM of the RDC-X for the Term 2016-2019
RDC-X Res No 40 (s2016) Confirming the RDC-X MacroCom to also serve as the Regional Gender and Development Committee (RGADC)
RDC-X Res No 41 (s2016) Approving the Request for Inclusion of the PIA-X, PSA-X, NICA-X and 4th RD PA as SNVM of the RDC-X
RDC-X Res No 42 (s2016) Approving the CY 2017 RDC-X Work and Financial Plans
RDC-X Res No 43 (s2016) Approving the RDC-X CY 2017 Calendar of Activities
RDC-X Res No 44 (s2016) Confirming the Election of Governor Imelda Q. Dimaporo of the Province of Lanao del Norte as the RDC-X SDC Chairperson